During our 30 minute free initial consultation with the student and their family, I often ask the family why they want to hire an IEC (Independent College Consultant) to help their student.

I get many different responses which help me understand the family’s expectations and also talk to families about my mission.

If you to ask me the same question, I would honestly respond that here are 10 good reasons to hire an IEC to be your advisor and coach in this process.

Mausami Kakkar


  1. Is a certified, trained professional who advises students daily, each day, every day, working dedicately to guide the student in their college admissions journey.
  2. Invests a good chunk of their time researching and touring colleges every year, learning about new majors, programs, determining a good ‘fit’ for their individual students and does not employ a ‘cookie-cutter’ or one size fits all, approach.
  3. Is a member of professional organizations like IECA, HECA, NACAC, WACAC or more, attends annual, professional and college-related conferences, college fairs, regional group events, college-related webinars and meetings with other couselors regularly to keep themselves abreast with changing trends, tools, and platforms constantly devising new ways to engage students and make the application process less stressful for families.
  4. Not only advises students on every aspect of the college admission process but disseminates lots of information in various ways to help the student to organize themselves better, suggests activities and extracurriculars and develops a step-by step process to help and support the student.This helps families save so much time in researching summer activities, programs, test-prep resources etc.
  5. Uses their experience and expertise to craft a balanced college list for the student based on academic, social and financial fit.
  1. Offers students new ways to learn and research colleges depending on their unique situation, time constraints and how they learn best.
  2. Brainstorms and reviews student essays methodically, establishes clear-cut deadlines and guides students through the college application journey so they can best position themselves with their unique skills, abilities and talents.
  3. Clearly explains commonly used terms in college advising, dispels common myths and presents data to help you make informed decisions.
  4. Guides you regarding the ethical nature of the process, keeps you informed and honest about what is okay and what is not.
  5. Is your independent coach in the journey who works with your student 1:1, on every aspect of the process and is always rooting for you.
(Counselor Tour- University of Colorado-Boulder, June 2022)

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